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It's been ages since I dumped in here, and now I'm dumping again.

I've been selling Avon for around a year. I like it, I like looking at the catalogue and finding bargains.
I was told to try leadership so I thought I would. Big mistake. It is totally soul crushing to stand in a shopping centre and hassle people to join, just so i can meet "targets" Promising them free stuff and all this great stuff whilst knowing that I was lying.
So I told my boss I quit. I tossed and turned all night, hating myself. Not to mention trying to figure out where I was going to get the money to pay for all the free stuff. Yes, all the free brochures for representatives that I sign up, I have to pay for. And that is how Avon makes 7 billion dollars a year.

I wanted my free time to be about me, so now it will be. I will still sell Avon, but just to 10 or so people, I'm not catching buses and trains all over the country, just to sell a $2 shampoo.

I'm going to start making things to sell at local markets. Placemats etc. things that I can do quietly when Caitlin is at preschool and then when I have enough I'll take them to a local market. I have a few other ideas, but for now I'll start small. And best of all I'm working for me.

And extra bonus I don't have to wear a pink shirt to do it. So, if anyone who reads this is even thinking about Avon, for the love of
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