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A few weeks ago, we went down to the markets in Penrith. There was a stall selling clothes. They also had a table of 2nd hand clothes. My friend found a little Adidas track suit jacket that would suit Caitlin. We had a look and couldn't see anything else, so I went to pay for the jacket. The lady said there should be 2 whole tracksuits, so we went to look. The lady and her partner looked but could only find 3 pieces. She figured someone had stolen the other jacket. When I got home I went to wash the clothes and all 4 pieces were in the bag. Too many people must have confused the counting.
Yesterday I went back down to Penrith, found the same stall and gave the woman the extra dollar. She couldn't get over that someone would be that honest.

In other news I won $100 for filling out a survey, Rod has got a full size upright piano for Caitlin and life is just generally moving along nicely :)
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